Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Iris's death is actually a very symbolic scene, for two reasons.

The End of Innocence
Iris's death symbolizes the end of innocence for not only the X series, but Mega Man as a whole.  Notice how the games got progressively grimmer afterwards. The Legends series is as light as the Classic games, but something just feels... off... about it.

For Want of a Nail

If Iris was saved, she would have prevented the horrors of the Zero series:

* Being alive, Iris would give Zero moral support and prevent him from fighting X, let alone surrendering to Wily.
* Maybe it would have strengthened X and Zero's bond, due to both their lovers behind Navigating. This would have likely prevented the fight.
* It is said the previous Maverick Hunter commander retired after the RepliForce disaster. This was likely Cain who retired. Iris's survival would likely have made Cain happier and not resign. He could thus be a very good backbone for the hunters, possibly better than Signas.
* Perhaps Cain knew about Axl. He could find Axl early and make a turning point before billions of lives were lost. His power to copy enemies directly would have given him an advantage in the fight against Sigma.
* Iris might be able to help the relations between humans and Reploids when all is said and done.

Yeah, this is why I posted about Iris.

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