Thursday, June 16, 2016

What's Worse than Tingle? Imitation Tingle.

I have already mentioned the despised Tingle here, but there exists a much worse problem coming from him. Aonuma knows Americans hate Tingle, so he instead creates many replacement characters for him. The problem is, these replacements don't have Tingle's own charm. Ravio, et all are completely charmless, transparent, annoying sacks of shit.

Tingle seems like a parallel to Link himself, and fits more in Zelda's overall world than the others do. He likes to collect fairies and wears a green tunic. Not like a FUCKING BUNNY SUIT! However, unlike Link, Tingle is a middle-aged cartographer instead of a young hero. Shows a contrast and a counterpart to link. Ravio? Irrelevant. What's he doing in what's supposed to be a LTTP sequel?