Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I figured out the reason why so many bad games are well-liked for a while before fading out: the viewers don't care about the game, only the bloated gasbag making videos on it. It used to be that such gasbags covered only games that were already popular, like Minecraft or Pokemon, or copied the Angry Video Game Nerd in taking on bad games and reacting in disgust. But then Markiplier covered Five Nights at Freddy's, and people discovered the brilliance of the game, and it became a hit with three sequels. From there, these gasbags decided to take a "monster of the day" approach, covering one new indie game a day.

Some of them got hooked on a game for some reason, and provided consistent coverage. Action Henk was an example (could RageSquid have paid them?) that really did not deserve this treatment. This game is in reality a giant hunk of shit. 

It's like Meme Run, except all Sanic. 

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