Friday, November 28, 2014

"We Are Groot"... Sorry, What?

We are Groot.

- Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy features among its leads a tree-like alien named Groot, who works closely with Rocket Raccoon. His vocabulary is limited to "I am Groot", which is likely the language of his species, like how it is in the comics.

However, near the end, he says "We are Groot." as he creates a shield around the other Guardians. This line is ostensibly meant to be heartwarming, demonstrating how Groot has matured with the rest of the team. If you look into it, this line actually doesn't make much sense. As I mentioned above, "I am Groot" is presumably the language of his species. If so, how did he say "We are Groot?" Is the "we are" part a special set of words in his language? Is he actually fluent in his native tongue but only knows five words of English? Was that seemingly heartwarming scene all a joke? 

Because that's what it comes off as to me.

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